Newly diagnosed? Here's your Guide!

​February, 2021

To All Those Who Are Newly Diagnosed:

(From today and up to the last 3 years)

Being told you have Parkinson's is life changing. So many questions come flooding in.

What do I do next?  . . . . Where can I find help? . . . . What do I need to know? . . . .
How will my life change?

When diagnosed, most people leave their doctor with a vague memory of  bewildering words but nothing tangible. We heard this repeatedly and saw a clear need for basic information to take with you. We are pleased to share our Beginner's Guide to Parkinson's, a tool to sort through a confusing and emotional time.

Some of you will first see the guide here on our website. But our primary goal is to have neurologists and other healthcare professionals in Central New Mexico give you a printed Guide when you are diagnosed so the information is available when you're ready. Click below for the Guide and other useful resources.

How should you begin? First, take time to adjust to the news. When you're ready, use the Guide to begin educating yourself for the decisions that lie ahead.  You'll feel empowered as your journey's first steps are made with a measure of awareness and confidence.


Be sure to join us by signing up on our homepage. When you're comfortable, please introduce yourself so we can get to know each other. You are not alone. We are here to answer questions, seek out solutions, listen, and support.


It is an honor to be your local organization for information, resources, and hope. We look forward to meeting you.



The Parkinson's Connection of Central New Mexico