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Get moving


Exercise is essential to maintaining balance, mobility and activities of daily living. Making exercise a top priority puts you on the right track for managing your Parkinson's.



Parkinson's can put up lots of road blocks making exercise feel impossible. Yet exercise helps overcome many of those obstacles. We've organized a challenge to steer you toward making exercise a habit--one of the key components to fitness. Here's how the challenge works:

  1. The challenge is open to people with Parkinson's and their caregivers or partners. (Everyone needs exercise.)

  2. See side bar for Reboot Fitness Challenge Chart. Print it or make up your own chart and record the same information.

  3. For each day that you exercise, record the date, the activity you completed, and how you felt afterwards. Try to not let a day go by without exercising. What and how much you do is your choice.

  4. Start as soon as you can. You'll need to start by February 3rd or 4th to reach 30 days by the mailing deadline of March 5th. Consecutive days are ideal but not required. Starting earlier will allow you some missed days while still completing the challenge.

  5. If you start the challenge but can't reach 30 days, do as much as you can and send us your chart. Every day that you exercise makes the challenge a success for you.

  6. Tell us on Facebook how your challenge is going. If you haven't used Facebook, check out these steps to get started.

  7. BY MARCH 5TH email your completed chart to info@parkinsoncnm.org or send in US mail to:
    Parkinson's Connection, PO Box 36641, ABQ, 87176.

  8. DID WE MENTION PRIZES??  YOU BET!!  Winners will be randomly drawn. Feel free to contact us with your questions.


Links AND INFO for Fitness Reboot Challenge

  • Consult your physician before participating in an exercise activity, especially if you haven't exercised recently.

  • By participating in this challenge, you are doing so at your own risk. The Parkinson’s Connection of Central NM cannot be held liable for injury or accident occurring while participating in the challenge.