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Get moving


Exercise is essential to maintaining balance, mobility and activities of daily living. Making exercise a top priority puts you on the right track for managing your Parkinson's.


Consistency is key to a successful exercise program.

Join our Challenge to jump start your motivation. Here's how: 

  • Click here for your daily chart.

  • Click here for ideas on ideas starting an online fitness program.

  • Start any time in January and exercise 30 days, ideally consecutive days but not required. Give it your best effort.

  • Plan ahead. Make a list of ways you can modify your program to make it interesting and prepare for last minute changes, such as, exercising outdoors or indoors, have lots of time or running late. See suggestions below.

  • Record the date, the activity you completed, and how you felt afterwards Don't let a day go by without doing some exercise.

  • Work within your limitations. You may be surprised that in time consistency lets you do more than you expected.

  • Send your completed chart to info@parkinsoncnm.org or PO Box 36641, ABQ, 87176 by March 5.

  • Winners will be drawn from those who exercised 30 days.

  • The challenge is open to caregivers as well.